Press Release: CRRAN files suit challenging discrimination against poor masses by Enugu state government In Exercise to Recover Enugu Master Plan

SUIT NUMBER IS : E/ 205/2020


The Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network, CRRAN, has filed a suit on behalf the poor masses of Enugu State who lost their

businesses and homes or about to lose their homes / shops to the alleged ongoing discriminatory exercise by the Enugu State Government to recover Enugu Master Plan.

The suit” Registered Trustees of Civil Rights Realisation and Advancement Network((Suing on behalf of low income citizens of Enugu

State whose shops and homes are demolished or about to be demolished by the

State government) V. Attorney General of Enugu State, was filed Monday, March 23, 2020 at the Enugu High Court.

The Organisation prayed the Court for the following prayers:

A DECLARATION that the continued discrimination against the poor

citizens of Enugu State based on social origin and status of the

citizens, by the Enugu State government in its’ so called recovery

action of Enugu State Master plan, constitutes a flagrant violation of

fundamental rights of the poor citizens of Enugu State guaranteed

under Articles 2, & 19, of the African Charter on Human & Peoples

Rights, (Ratification and Enforcement Act) Cap. A9 Laws of the

Federation of Nigeria, 2004 and is therefore illegal,

unconstitutional, null and void.

An order of the Honorable Court Directing the Enugu State Government to stop further discrimination against the poor masses and

citizens of Enugu State based on social origin and status of the citizens, in its so called recovery action of Enugu State Master plan.

Ten billion Naira being exemplary, punitive, aggravated, special and general damages against the respondent, for the infringement of

the affected poor citizen’s of Enugu State fundamental rights.

CRRAN in the facts contained in the Affidavit in support of the suit, stated in some paragraphs thus:

Surprisingly the state government only targeted the properties, shops and homes of the lowly persons/ poor citizens of the state in

the demolition which it commenced last January 2020.

The government embarked on continuous massive destructions of shops of the poor in the exercise, while leaving the rich and powerful in the society whose businesses and homes contravened the Enugu Master


That Zoo Estate which was meant to be Zoo in the Master Plan of Enugu, continue to enjoy the protection of the state government.

That the Liberty Estate built by the state government was camp for Rangers Football Club and in Master Plan of Enugu its’ meant to be Games village for the people of the state.

The Polo Park was converted to shopping Mall which under the Enugu Master Plan is a recreation center.

The place that is supposed to be market for the citizens at new market Enugu, the present government in the state recklessly built Diamond and Heritage Estate on it, against what is the Master Plan of Enugu.

The Women’s’ Training College, WTC, New Layout, Enugu, was converted to Estate for the rich by the present state government

contrary to the Enugu Master plan.

The present government continuous demolition exercise is targeted at the homes and businesses of the poor while protecting the rich in the society who are the main culprits who continue in the distortion of Enugu Master Plan.

The government has refused to demolish the distortions made to Enugu Master Plan by the Zoo Estate, Liberty Estate, WTC Estate,

Diamond Estate, Heritage Estate and Shopping Centers built on Polo Recreational Center.

The action of the state government in destroying the homes, shops and businesses of the poor without resettling them or providing

alternatives portends grave danger to the society and increase in crime rate in the state in the long run.

No date has been fixed for hearing.


Olu Omotayo