JANUARY 31,2021



The Zoom Global Town Hall Meeting of Ndigbo, which is part of the continuing efforts of Concerned Ime Obi Members, Igbo socio-cultural organizations affiliated to Ohanaeze and Igbo stakeholders at Home and in the Diaspora, on the conduct and fallouts of the 2021 Ohanaeze general elections, sought to determine ways and means of bringing about an amicable, fair and generally acceptable resolution of all issues arising from the elections.  

Frank discussions, well-meant contributions and extensive brainstorming followed the reading of the Communique of the Concerned Ime Obi Members by Elder Dr Uma Eleazu,OON and the presentation by Senator Anyim Pius Anyim,GCON, on the way forward. The comments, observations and clarifications from stakeholders and the far-reaching conclusions, suggestions and proposals arising therefrom, are hereby presented as the position, resolutions, communique and substance of the said Global Town Hall Meeting of Ndigbo.

1. That there is no factionalization of Ime Obi Ohanaeze, as the Concerned Ime Obi Members are not speaking as a splinter group, or a new-found opposition movement, but as bona fide members who see it as their duty to call for a quick resolution of perceived anomalies in the handling of a specific matter;

2. That there is nothing wrong with the credentials, pedigree, political stature, integrity and experience of the crop of Umu Igbo who vied for the position of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Leadership;

3. That the processes leading up to the last Ohanaeze Elections created suspicions and misgivings in the minds of some Ime Obi members, confused some stakeholders and made some members of the public to raise question regarding the credibility of the elections;

4. That the circumstances leading to the emergence of three presumed Presidents General of Ohanaeze discredits the image of Ndigbo and falls below the acceptable standards and provisions for the recruitment of the leadership of the apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation

5. That it would be a great disservice to Ndigbo in a 21st century world to act as if all is well regarding this issue, as such an extremely counterproductive trend will yield disastrous social and economic consequences for Ndigbo

6. That it behooves Ndigbo, given the drumbeat of discontent following the elections, to take urgent steps to nurture, promote and preserve the group solidarity and cohesion needed to galvanise our people for a more effective and nationally/globally relevant and impactful Ohanaeze;

7. That only a firm and widely respected Ohanaeze can drive the benefits envisaged when the Alaigbo Stabilization Fund (ASF) was conceived;

8. That it is only the image of an Ohanaeze of confirmed stature and integrity that can embolden stakeholders to intervene positively as donors and as drivers of investment funds into Igboland;

9. That all well-meaning Igbo sons and daughters should weigh in on the imbroglio and, using all available platforms and individuals, create a common ground for the return of Ohanaeze to its proper place of respectability and acceptability in the minds of Ndigbo

10. That Igbo stakeholders are grateful to Mr. Emeka Ugwu-Oju, for his consistent commitment to the Igbo cause and that any insinuations of mischief against him should be roundly dismissed, discountenanced and regarded as completely lacking in substance and merit.


It was further resolved that:

1. Ohanaeze must be built into a respectable and respected pan Igbo organisation, through a transparent process that is devoid of political interference and which complies strictly with the provisions of the Ohanaeze constitution and the legitimate social cultural expectations of Ndigbo;

2. All hands should be on deck to resolve the issues arising from the last elections and bring all the contending groups to the table, for the desired cohesion and single most important goal of rebuilding Ohanaeze;

3. Pursuant to 1 and 2 above, a Third Party Committee comprising the COUNCIL OF BISHOPS and a Technical Committee set up by Ime Obi, should be constituted to look at all the issues, especially the petitions and communiques from various interest groups on the conduct of the 2021 Ohanaeze general elections; and

4. There should be an immediate secession of media attacks on any presumed "faction" of Ohanaeze, so that a resolution could all the more easily be brought about in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared good; and which is devoid of acrimony.




1. Dr. Emeka Okengwu.                                    

Coordinator, Oha Ndigbo.         


2. Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze.

    President, Igbo World Assembly


3. Maazi Tochukwu Ezeoke.       

Njenje Media TV & Co-Host.


 4. Dr. Okey Ikechukwu, mni

      Moderator & Co-Host.

On behalf of Concerned Igbo Stakeholders & Socio-Cultural Organizations at Home & Diaspora.