Enugu Community expels strange man who loves eating feaces

The Imufu Community Elders' Council, in Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu State, has expelled a commercial motorcyclist popularly known as okada from the town for allegedly eating feaces.

Sources said that the motorcyclist who was living as a tenant at late Eke Nwonu"s house, usually scouts for the human waste from the bushes which he recooks and eats after adding some spices on it.

Sources said that the elders of the community were said to have invited the man and confronted him after reports of his strange behaviour were received from neighbours and he confirmed eating feaces occasionally.

An elder who spoke to Southeast Post on condition of anonymity said, "he did not deny eating graces. He told us that he loves eating feaces and goes into the bush to look for fresh ones to it," adding that he adds fresh beans and other items before cooking and eating it."

Southeast Post visited the former landlord of the okada man and was told that there was always horrible stench emanating from his room each time he cooked his strange meal.

One of the tenants whose name was given as Eucheria, said that the motorcyclist packed out of the building after the community's elders sitting at Onyishi Ogbu Nwokoro gave him seven native weeks or about 28 days to "leave town."

Her words, "the man is not married, although he was over 40 years. We were told that he was earlier driven away from the nearby Umuagama Community for the same reason. 

"He looked gaunt but we thought it was because he had very serious cough. We don't know if it was tuberculosis. We knew that he used to eat feaces when some people told us. He must have packed to another nearby Aji village."