Corrigendum: Enugu Rebirth emerges to challenge Ebeano Recruitment System

..Says it's time to stop political "herds" from choosing mediocres as leaders in Enugu 


A new political pressure group- Enugu Rebirth, has emerged in the coal city of Enugu State to edge out the Ebeano Political family introduced by Senator Chimaroke Nnamani in 1999.

The promoters of Enugu Rebirth faulted the way the people choose their leaders in since the fourth Republic politics, saying that people are not allowed to choose their leaders as such leaders had always been imposed on them by political herds in the last 21 years.

According to the promoters, the introduction of Ebeano political family in the state had done more harm than good to the state as the system had limited the people's choice of their leaders for "political herds," to choose for them. 

The Director General of Enugu Rebirth, Hon. Chuka Eze, (not Dr Chuka Ezema), who spoke in a telephone interview with Southeast Post in Enugu on Monday, said that the movement was premised on the idea that "it is time to reconstruct Enugu State's leadership recruitment process," against imposition of leaders by the Ebeano political family which had taken a strangle hold on the political leadership of the state since 1999.

Eze, a banker, who was a former Special Adviser, Political, to Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State, spoke against the backdrop of the resurcitation of the Ebeano political group by Senator Nnamani with Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi as the new leader.

His words, "Vision /Mission Statement for Enugu Rebirth: 

Arising from the principle of Enugu oneness, Enugu Rebirth is premised on the idea that it is time to reconstruct Enugu State's political leadership recruitment process.

"It is pertinent to note that since 1999, the current Enugu State gate keepers’ recruitment strategy for political positions have significantly limited the choices of the people, thereby entrenching deep-seated mediocrity, hence the need to push for more inclusive leadership recruitment process.

"It is against this background that #Enugu Rebirth was conceived to narrow the gap of disconnect between the gate keepers’ short sighted idea of governance and governmental needs of the general Enugu people. 

"Therefore the time is now to seek the political and economic rebirth of Enugu State, and the journey begins now with you and me.

"#Enugu Rebirth will be driving a new discourse on how to rework the current ineffectual political recruitment culture, in favour of a more inclusive system. This will open up the political leadership ecosystem and ultimately hand over to the people the ownership of their political process. 

"Against this background, therefore, Enugu Rebirth is driven by the following vision: "To see and behold an Enugu State in which the will, capacity and efforts of the people are the foundation of public governance.

"To realise this vision, the Platform will advert itself to the following mission:

"To place the social, economic and political rights of Ndi Enugu above group, clique and political line-up interests

"To place merit above sectional and/or sectarian identity in Enugu politics

"To make socio-economic development the raison d'être of politics in Enugu

"To reverse the disdainful trajectory of Enugu State as a state in which political predators foist their political choices over the popular will through their “carry go” electoral domino syndrome that merely ascribes the status of ‘’political herds’’ to the Enugu electorate." 


P.S. We apologise to Dr Chuka Ezema who was erroneously identified as one of the promoters. The error is regretted.