Ode to CIS-UNN '2023 Confab Diaspora Stakeholders' Forum


The Centre for Igbo Studies, CIS, University of Nigeria, UNN, has commended the Diaspora Stakeholders' Forum, who are involved in the organisation of the maiden edition of the Hybrid International Conference on Igbo Language at the INN.
The conference with the theme "Re- imagining Igbo Studies In the 21st Century Nigeria," is to hold from Tuesday, August 15 to Friday, August 18, 2023, at the Princess Alexandra Auditorium, PAA, UNN.
According to the Director of Studies, CIS, Professor Chris Agbedo, the event is being organised by the university in conjunction with UNESCO, Council of Igbo Studies of America, CISA, as well as the leadership of Ohanaeze Ndigbo and Igbo World Assembly, IWA.
In a poem titled "Ode to CIS-UNN '2023 Confab Diaspora Stakeholders' Forum"
Agbedo, praised the stakeholders thus:
Oh! Ndịigbo in lands afar,
Your hearts so pure, your spirits bright.
Through oceans vast, you've journeyed long,
But never have you forgotten your roots so strong.
In CIS-UNN Igbo Confab '2023,
You gather as one, united and free.
Scholars, leaders, and visionaries,
Bringing wisdom, hope, and shared stories.
Your philanthropic souls, shining bright,
Illuminate paths in the darkest night.
With love and care, you extend your hand,
To uplift your homeland, your ancestral land.
In the Igbo Cultural Village Project's embrace,
You build a haven, a sacred space.
A village of dreams, where tradition thrives,
Preserving heritage, keeping memories alive.
Through your selfless acts, you bridge the divide,
Empowering communities on every side.
Education, healthcare, and infrastructure,
You sow seeds of progress, a lasting signature.
Your unwavering commitment, a beacon of light,
Inspiring others to join the fight.
To honour the past, and shape the future,
Your philanthropy knows no bounds, it's our mutual suture.
Oh! Ndịigbo in distant lands,
Your love for home forever stands.
In CIS-UNN Igbo Confab '2023 and the Village Project,
You bring us closer, hearts interconnect.
So, let this ode resound and proclaim,
The magnificence of your philanthropic flame.
Ndịigbo in diaspora, CIS-UNN celebrates your grace,
For your devotion to our heritage, our embrace.