Wazobia Investment: Fraud Unchecked Everywhere in Nigeria.

Wazobia Investment: Fraud unchecked everywhere in Nigeria.
The desire to make money without working is driving many people in Nigeria especially the young ones into organized fraudulent schemes. These schemes are enabled to operate unchecked by the weak government organs that supposedly be clamping down on these crimes. But here we are fraudulent schemes operating freely and defrauding citizens of their hard earned money. Although, the architects of these wicked systems are not only to be blamed but their victims who foolishly buy into their cheap claims of easy money without work. Many people who invest in these schemes know they are not legitimate but take the risk hoping they can get the mostly unsustainable rewards promised before it goes bust. On the other hand are very innocent citizens who get entrapped by this conscienceless beings.
We must raise awareness against these platforms because they pose a social threat to the community. We must all do what we can to expose these platforms. There are so many of them now and Nigerians have a soft spot for it.  After all the MMM did to Nigerians and people still invest in these platforms again. It is unbelievable even with how unintelligent the concepts are  but this is Nigeria. Citizens still foolishly or innocently believe these lowlifes. 
 There is a new one in town and it is called “Wazobia Investment”. Already there are two different websites wazobiainvestment.cash and wazobiainvestment.com so which one is the main one. I don’t know either, but that is a signal. The contact  page is not working and there is no email address or phone number if you want to contact them. The word “ investment” in the company name is a smart distraction from it’s real name “PONZI SCHEME”. Usually it is always called multi level marketing now it is an investment. If you care about your money please avoid this platform. There is nothing like investment in this scheme simple fraud. Get it straight away, Wazobia investment is not legit. And it is not an investment platform in anyway. What do they invest in? This is a very good question because they ask you to pay your money to someone else. This no investment a non pretentious Ponzi scheme starring at you.
The best argument people who engage in this schemes have is that they are paying. But, Just yet. Didn’t MMM pay people initially even pay thousands to few beneficiaries and made away with the rest. Do not think because you do not pay to a central account is a proof that are legit, no. That is the easiest way to conduct the fraud. Imagine if you register and wish to invest, you could be matched to pay anyone they wish or even themselves.
This kind of arrangements to pay someone and someone else  pays you, you convince someone to join the platform then you get bonus  is unsustainable. If you ask your self this honest question, how do they make money? If you have the courage to provide an honest answer to that question then you will know whether to invest your money or not.
Not everything that glitters is gold. Making money is not that easy else everyone would have been rich. Do not be easily moved by invest 2 naira get 4 naira in two days such things are fraud no real  business yields that kind of profits so quickly. Please use your Good given brain and evaluate whatever someone tells you. Hope this piece saves someone from this godless scammers.