My daughter wants to kill me ------------- 65 -year old man tells court

... As Judge advises him to pray for his “problem daughter “ to change

Abuja ---------------- A 65 year old man, Samuel Maduakar, has told a Grade One Area Court Judge in Abuja that his 27 year old daughter, Ifeoma, has been a source of sorrow to him.

Maduakar said that "children are sources of pride and give joy to their parents but Ifeoma is the opposite."

Maduakar spoke as the Judge, Mohammed Adamu advised the man to pray for his "problem daughter," to change.

Ifeoma's father said, “In 2007, Ifeoma caused me to have a leg fracture. She fought me.

”I am not asking the court to jail her, but she needs to abide by my rules.
“I have endured her for 15 years and I have high blood pressure.
”I am not asking the court to jail her, but she needs to abide by my rules.
“I have endured her for 15 years and I have high blood pressure."

It was at this point that Adamu asked Samuel Maduakar, to forgive and pray for his “problem daughter” Ifeoma to change.

The police charged Ifeoma, 27, with criminal intimidation, assault and mischief on February 19, 2020.

The police alleged that she attacked her father and threatened to poison him.

However, the judge, Muhammad Adamu, said:”you have to continue to pray to God to change her.
“You must accept the defendant’s apology when she apologises.”
Adamu also told the defendant to respect her father.
“To whom much is given, much is expected.
“Your parents have done their best for you. You should appreciate and respect them,” he said, and adjourned the matter until Novembet 23, 2020 for report of settlement.
Maduakar had earlier, told the court that he was not well represented by Ifeoma.

The defendant’s father said this while being led in evidence by the prosecution counsel, John Okpa at the resumed trial of Ifeoma.

Maduakar presented pictures of the defendant and her siblings in court, to prove that he had been taking care of her.

“These tears she is shedding are not genuine. She will not change,” he said.
Also testifying, the mother of the defendant, Gloria said: “She helps me with house chores but still leaves home without telling me.
“She disappears for four or more days without telling me, she said.
The prosecution said that the defendant’s mother reported the matter at the Area Command Headquarters, Kubwa, Abuja and 
alleged that that the defendant inflicted grievous injuries on her father’s right arm when she bit him and damaged his Techno cell phone, contrary to the provisions of sections 397, 265 and 327 of the Penal Code.

The defendant who pleaded not guilty, was remanded in prison on February 19, 2020 but eventually released on bail.