Certificate Controversy: Four Things CSU Documents Show About Tinubu – Atiku’s Lawyer

Counsel to the former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar, Kalu Kalu, says President Bola Tinubu’s academic documents released by the Chicago State University, CSU, indicated many things about the Nigerian leader. 
Kalu spoke on Thursday at a news conference held by his principal, the presidential candidate of the PDP in the 2023 election, in Abuja.
Atiku had asked CSU to release the documents over suspicions that Tinubu forged his credentials from the schoool.
Speaking on the occasion, Kalu said that the documents handed over to Atiku’s team showed several things about Tinubu as captured below:
Forged Certificate
He claimed that “Bola Ahmed Tinubu forged the certificate he presented to INEC” ahead of the February 2023 polls.
Female Name
Apart from the forgery,  Kalu noted that the document showed that Tinubu’s “qualifying certificate from South West College to Chicago State University bears a female name. This, he noted, showed that that “(the qualifying) document does not belong” to Tinubu.
Furthermore, Kalu noted Tinubu’s High School Graduation Date, adding that the documents from CSU showed that  “Tinubu attended Government College Lagos and graduated in 1970 when indeed the school was established in 1974.
Identity Theft
Lastly, he told the gathering that the CSU document showed a “black American” owner and that “(in) the document Bola Ahmed Tinubu submitted to INEC, he (Tinubu) denied having dual citizenship which means it does not belong to him.
“Then, the same document, oral deposition, said the A in Bola A Tinubu is Ahmed but the NYSC certificate Bola Ahmed Tinubu submitted to INEC has Adekunle. I don’t know where Adekunle emerged from,” Kalu added.