Abia Police Commissioner decry alarming rate of police involvement in crimes


ABA------Abia State Police Commissioner, Ene Okon, has decried what he described as "the alarming rate of policemen involvement in criminal activities in Aba" and environs, warning them to desist from further involvements such reprehensible activities. Okon spoke in Aba during a townhall meeting with members of the Police Community Relations Committee, PCRC, traditional and other stakeholders in the area. He asked the officers to turn a new leaf by eschewing indiscipline and embracing civilised and proper ways of policing, even as he vowed to deal decisively with any officer involved in criminal ahctivities. His words, “I have a problem with policemen in Aba. The number of policemen that are involved in criminal activities in the city is alarming. "Every policeman in Abia wants to go to Aba. My question is to do what? Does it mean police work cannot be done at Nkporo, Arochukwu, Isuikwuato and Uzuakoli? Why must it be Aba? "The bottom line is bribery. For those who have corrupt tendencies that brought them to this Aba to destroy the image of the police, I urge you to get ready because it will not work again. " I do not know whether you are not ashamed that you policemen are involved in crimes, all because of money, but I will not spare you.” Okon said he came to Abia to return the police to the community, and urged the public to always provide useful information to the police. According to him, it was an aberration for anyone employed by government to fight crime to turn into a criminal, adding that he was in Abia with stick and carrot and would not fail to use the stick on any officer who refused to change.

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