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Starting a barbing saloon could be a very good business that could sustain you if you know what it takes to run it properly. There are two ways you can get into this business the first one is you learning the skill and run it yourself, the second one is you getting the shop and the equipment and employing people with the barbing skills and they pay you certain percentage of the revenue per week or monthly.      Anyone you choose to follow will require the knowledge of the business in a certain way. Here I will touch the both paths. With a very young population in Nigeria, it is a no brainer to see the opportunities in running barbing saloon business in Nigeria, being the most populous black nation. What are the things you need to start a barbing saloon business? You can also read how to start a profitable cosmetics business.

  • Shop/office for barbing saloon
  • Good customer Relationship
  • Generator/clippers/Furniture
  • Your early days in the business


  1. Shop/Office: You need a very good shop or office for the business. This is the most important factor in barbing saloon business. Now what is a good shop for barbing saloon? According to SOUTHEAST POST BUSINESS interview with other barbers, a good location must be within residential areas. What does that imply? You do not have to locate your barbing shop in commercial areas. This is because the barbers get a lot of patronage towards the evening time when people have returned from work. So it will be logical to agree with the reasoning that people do not usually have hair cut during the working hours but after or towards the end. More importantly the barbing shop has to be accessible to people. So locating it along the street will be fine. Especially where people pass frequently and can see your shop often. That will always remind them there is a barber here.
  2. Good Customer relationship: The business of barbing has to do with people and every human on earth wants a place he/she will be appreciated. So treating your customers well will help you more than anything else. For instance the barber I patronize is not the best around my area but he is great in the way he treats people and I had no choice but to become his loyal customer. Not only I but my brothers and cousins patronize him as well. If you want loyal customers learn how to treat people well or forget this business. Most people have haircuts in one or two weeks interval so you have to them keep coming back, those are your real customers. People are not born being nice have may have to learn it. Learn how to be polite always. It will add more money to your pocket. If you hired people to work for you as barbers be careful to select responsible and truthful people. Be considerate and non-manipulative. Be courageous to fire when need be.
  3. Generator/Clippers/Furniture: A generator of 1KVA will be fine depending on other accessories you wish to add to the office. Make the place as comfortable as you can but do not spend unnecessarily on furniture.
  4. Your Early Days: Southeast Post Business takes the early days of every startup very seriously and we encourage every reader to be patient, we interviewed some barbers about their early stage. Emmanuel is barber who just started his shop some months ago and he informed us that it was not easy in the early stage but thank God he had patience. Emmanuel told us that there are days he only had two to three customers alone visiting his shop in those early stage, even sometimes none. He said he makes close to four thousand naira on Sundays but not every time now. Another Barber we interviewed was Darlington who has being in the business for over three years. He shared his early stage experience with us telling us it was not easy but God saw him through. He said it is a business you have to be patience and committed. That there were days he was discouraged but the passion he has for it kept him in the business and now he make a good living from. As he said you have to be patient in those early stage and God will see you through. He advised that you start a business because of the passion not because others are doing it. We asked him if he is to start a business will he start a barbing saloon again and he said yes he barbing saloon is a nice business.

We advise you make research and talk to those who are into the business to learn more. We wish you good luck in your barbing career, do let us know if you feel we can help in any way possible.