Gov Ugwuanyi, Thank You, but ------ Concerned Igboeze North Youths

Ingratitude, Shakespeare said, is sharper than the traitor's sword. It is crystal clear that whenever one reacts positively to a favour, one will receive more. Truly, we at Concerned Igbo Eze North Youths, CINY aren't a group of attackers as viewed by some members of the public at first. We only live and react pmaccording to our name - CONCERNED. 


We therefore, with deep and invaluable joy in our hearts, sincerely acknowledge once more, the government of Enugu State - led by Gov Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, for reacting positively to the complaints we made for the reactivation or resuscitation, and revamping of Enugu Ezike General Hospital in January, 2020. The hospital was built in the early fifties. This shows that there is a  government that still listens to her youths.

With reference to the above, we at Concerned Igbo Eze North Youths, CINY, just like Oliver Twist, cannot but ask for more. Two eleven kilometer roads were flagged off in 2017 by the state government, yet, in Igboeze North, but till this moment, not even a bulldozer is standing on any of those roads for continuation and, or completion. The contractors left after completing one kilometres each on the roads. They returned again when Ugwuanyi was campaigning for his second term but left soon after he had won the election. Meanwhile, other roads like Obollo Eke Junction - Agala - Okpaligbo Junction, Ohom Orba - Amajioka - Umuikeoha - Agu Orba and Okpu Agu Orba roads (all in Udenu LGA) have been completed and commissioned already. Is it not obvious that George Orwell in his "Animal Farm," was right when he asserted that "all animals are equal but some are more equal than others?" 

Udenu is more equal than other local governments in Enugu North Senatorial District. With the conditions of these two roads at this moment, how fast can one convey a terribly sick person from Okpo, Amaja, Ikpamodo, Etteh, Umuopu, Isiugwu or Igogoro to this hospital without losing the patient? What is the means of this conveyance when tricycles or vehicles cannot ply the roads? 

In conclusion, it's obvious that good roads and reliable hospitals are inter-related. Appreciation is an advancement for more favour. 

Ifeanyi Ossai, Anambra State

🖊️ Concerned Igbo Eze North Youths, CINY.