High Handedness: 476 police officers seek transfer out of Imo Police Command

About 476 out of a total of 517 policemen serving in Imo State have asked to be transferred out of the state.

Sources told South East Post that the massive request for transfer came as a result of poor handling of the security situation in the state by the state Police Commissioner, Yaro Abutu.

Officers and other members of the rank and file who spoke to Southeast Post on condition of anonymity said that Abutu, had not been informing the Police High Command about the true situation of events as it concerns officers killed in line of duty. 

For example, they said that Yaro, who they believe is a fanatical Muslim, failed to inform higher authorities about the killing of four police officers whose arms and ammunition were collected, during an attack on the Omuma Police Station about two weeks ago by some gunmen who also burnt down the station. 

Good day PPRO. My name is Emeka Mamah and I work with Southeast Post online newspaper. 

The Imo State Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Bala Ekana did not reply to calls and a text message for clarifications on the Omuma Police Station attack, but those who spoke in confidence regretted that the police authorities in the state played down the killings so as to be seen as working hard.

They further claimed that Yaro "does not believe in hierarchy although the police are a hierarchical organisation.

"If the CP visits any office and the most senior person or officer is not there for whatever reasons, he looks for the highest person in rank and makes him or her the boss above other officers.

"This is strange. He runs the police as if members are not human beings. That is about 90 percent of the officers are seeking transfers. 

"The poor security situation in Imo State can be curtailed, but officers are not being deployed to places where they can perform to optimum. The CP is not utilising the Superintendents and Chief Superintendents who as camp commandants are the bridge between the rank and file and the Superior Police Officers, SPO's effectively. He doesn't recognise ranking." that's why we're in this mess, they policemen added.

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