In Innocent's death, Nigeria has lost a worthy ambassador

Innocent Chukwuma

By Ikechukwu Amaechi 



"Innocent was a restless soul. He behaved like someone who had the premonition that he didn’t have all the time in the world to make the difference and was, therefore, in a hurry.

I told him on March 27 that whatever he decided to do after voluntarily quitting Ford Foundation won’t be his last, but almost everyone who spoke at that event agreed that the country needed his incredible talents in the public space. He smiled and joke in his inimitable style.

I walked him to his car at the end of the event and we agreed to see in his house before his trip. How could I have known that we were saying our final goodbyes, that he would soon journey into eternity.

The avalanche of tributes from across the globe attests to the fact that Innocent touched lives in most fundamental ways. That in itself is a consolation. His legacy is indelible.

But this is one death that rankles. The heavens don’t need another saint to make the difference. Innocent is needed here on earth where his saintly disposition was making all the difference.

Longevity, we were promised, is a reward for a pious life.

So, what has changed? Innocent deserves to live not die. May his memory be a blessing to all."

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In Innocent’s death, Nigeria has lost a worthy ambassador