How your smart mobile phones can make you money.


A handset is the part of a mobile phone that you hold close to your mouth and ear to speak into and listen to, especially when you are talking with someone (initially), all thanks to technology that has redesigned and remodeled handsets/mobile phones to a thing of wonder that is used for making calls, receiving calls, videoing, chatting, snapping, writing, tracking, recording, playing radio,surfing the internet, etc. It is quite unfortunate that most handsets are smarter than their owners and manufacturers.
Mindset is a person’s way of thinking and their opinions. Your mindset is the collection of thoughts and beliefs that shape your habits or actions. It is so unfortunate that 
even in the midst of abundance and plenty, many people are still looking for shops and businesses to do. It is so painful seeing a person who has a shop paying for another shop. It is pitiable and unfortunate that after 
spending forty-five thousand naira in buying a handset we still do not know what to do with it. Most of us even go to the extent of spending eighty to three hundred thousand naira on phones that we intend to do nothing 
with but to attach goat ears and dog ears to our heads via snapchat. Why do you need a shop when you don’t have goods to sale?

Why do you need a shop when you already have a shop? The challenge is not in getting a shop but in knowing what to sell in the shop. 
Information is power, information is knowledge and information is security. I could remember a certain day I left the house with a can of Malta Guinness with the intention to take it whenever I feel dehydrated. The funny incident was that when I got dehydrated I still went out and bought a bottle of RC Sprite. It was when I 
was about to empty the bottle and while searching for my flash drive inside my bag that I discovered I had a can of Malta Guinness in my bag, I felt really bad and 
stupid. Many of us are like that, we are always acquiring things we have without knowing we have them. Many discover years later and that's why people like me have 
come to make you realize it now and not tomorrow. You are a mobile shop. As you are, the number of goods you can store are only limited in your mind, the number of warehouses you can have are only limited in your mind. 
You are self-sufficient. What is it with you and shops? Okay, a simple and glaring example is the man called Aliko Dangote the owner of Dangote group of companies and the man called Mark Zuckerberg the owner of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram. They are both businessmen. One is an African and the other a white man. They are both billionaires in dollars. One has many shops in different countries the other has just one 
in one country. The one that has just one shop is wealthier than the one with many shops. And mind you, Dangote was a billionaire in dollars before Mark 
Zuckerberg but now Zuckerberg is 5 times wealthier than Dangote whose net worth is just $10.3 billion while that of Zuckerberg is $63.3 billion. Have you ever seen any building in Nigeria or China with the inscription Facebook?

The reasons are obvious, the man with more shops pays more workers, expends money in building and constructing those shops, expends money on repairs and maintenance, we can go on and on, the summary of it all 
is that you will fare much better without a shop, even if you still want to keep your shops create an online presence. 
Build a business online and you won’t regret it. Your customers/clients cannot be limited if you decide to take your business online. Aren’t you tired of dealing with the same customers that you have been dealing with for years now? Aren’t you tired of running your business the local way? Move your business to the international community. You have been in a business for years and 
you are yet to break even. The world is moving at a tremendous pace and if you fail 
to understand its tempo you will be left behind.

Your mind is more powerful than all the super computers in the world, make use of your mind, put your mind to work and you will be surprised at the results you will get. With your handset and mindset there is no limit to 
what you can achieve, in other words 
“moneyeverywhere.” It is despicable when someone with a phone that is costlier than mine approaches me for financial assistance. 
Apart from chatting with a boyfriend that won’t even marry you, what else do you do with your phone? That phone of yours should not be a mobile device alone, you can turn it into something that can generate money for 
you. Take advantage of the limited opportunities that phone of yours has to offer. Many people only upload jokes but hardly do they upload their businesses. It is often said that you need up to six or more advertorials to convince the average person to buy a product. So, instead of looking for mundane things to upload, why don’t you upload your business, talk to us about your 
business, tell us about what you do, convince us to buy from you, tell us about how fast your deliveries are, tell us about how trustworthy you are and show us all the 
things I just mentioned by delivering what we ordered from you to our doorsteps without stories attached to it. 
You are on facebook, whatsapp, Instagram, snapchat, imo, bbm, peep, inter alia yet you are not making use of the opportunities they have to offer in growing your businesses.
The richest person in the whole wide world is the man known as Jeff Bezos whose net worth is $116.9 billion. Bezos is the founder of an online shop known as that he started in his bedroom. Jack Ma is 
the richest man in China who made the bulk of his wealth from his company Alibaba which is an online shop. Are you wealthier than them? Some of these guys never had the type of gadgets and wider audience we 
have at present when they started their businesses online. 
Try out what they did and see if you won’t surpass them in wealth.Don’t allow your smart phones to be smarter than you, 
don’t allow your smart phones to think for you, don’t allow your smart phones to control you and finally don’t allow your smart phones to limit you. With your handset plus the application of a good and stable mindset you can have money everywhere.