Nigerians Should Allow Igbo To Rule in 2023 because it's their turn ----------- Adamu Song

Former National Chairman of both the Alliance for Democracy, AD, and the Progressive People's Alliance, PPA, Alhaji Adamu Song, has asked political parties in the country to zone the 2023 presidency to the Southeast because it is turn of the Igbo to be president of Nigeria.

Song, who is also the Wakili Asibiti of Adamawa, in Adamawa State, said that although it was the turn of the South to produce the 2023 presidency, the South West and the South South have had their own turns, while the Southeast is yet to have a it's turn.

He spoke in a telephone interview with the Southeast Post on Sunday.

His words, "All the political parties in this country should zone the 2023 presidency to the South East particularly. This is the only way we will have peace in this country.

"It is the turn of the Igbo to produce the 2023 presidency. To be candid, it is the turn of the Igbo to be president except we want to deceive ourselves.

"It is the ideal thing to do because the Southwest and the South- South have had their turns. It is the turn of the whole south but inside the south, it is the Southeast.

"There is a lot of suspicion in the country that the presidency is not open to all Nigerians and we must allow the Igbo to rule for equity's sake. If we want peace and progress in Nigeria, the Igbo man should be president in 2023."

On the issue of Asiwaju Bola Tinubu and other northerners who were nursing the ambition to be president in 2023, Comrade Song said it was the constitutional rights of individuals to aspire to be president but warned that there should a country before the individuals aspire to rule them.

"I wish to condemn the attitude of Nigerians who always think that their interests or those of their tribes should be uppermost instead of the collective interests of their country men and women. 

"National interest should be higher than individual or tribal interests. All of us need Nigeria. One Nigeria will serve the interests of every Nigerian better than the interests of tribes or individuals.

"Our politicians should not brainwash the youth that their interests are more important than the interests of Nigeria as a country. It is good to preserve the unity of this country and the only way to do so is to entrench equity, good governance and fair play in the system. The only way we can have enduring peace from 2023 and beyond is to allow an Igbo man or woman to be president," he added.