Multi- billion Enugu Ezike District Hospital of Shame

... Hospital operates without light for over 10 years, as nurses use their telephones as torchlight during darkness

... As 12 Solar Batteries Stolen At  TB Centre Serving the Southeast & Kogi

The main administrative block of the District Hospital, Enugu Ezike, in Igboeze North Local Government Area of Enugu State is collapsing.
The building which was commissioned by the immediate past governor of the state, Hon Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, barely one year ago on February 21,2023, has several cracked- walls even as parts of the roof have been pulled off by wind, with ceilings caving in.
Southeast Post Online newspaper visited the building on Thursday and observed that the hospital management was not using most parts of wards due to poor construction works.
Coincidentally, 10 traditional rulers from Igboeze North, led by their Chairman, His Royal Highness, Igwe Gabriel Agbedo were on tour of the hospital to inspect the faciliies in a bid to take up the issue of the dilapidated building with the state government.
The traditional rulers noted that they were invited to the hospital by the Monarch of the host community, Igwe Ogbonna Willy Ekere, the Igijikwu One of Ogrute Autonomous Community. 
Hospital officials who conducted the monarchs round the facility, noted that the theatre where operations are supposed to be carried out regularly cannot be used as the basic facilities that could help doctors perform such sensitive jobs were not available.
They noted that there was no electricity in the multi- billion Naira building adding that the contractors made emergency arrangements which ensured electricity on the day of the commissioning only.
Furthermore, the officials informed the monarchs that the Genexpert Machine which can be used to determine if a patient had tuberculosis, TB, as well as the Blood Bank, the digital X- ray machine and Humemloof Machine were not functioning due to lack of electricity.
It was learnt. that 12 solar batteries meant for use in the TB ward were carted away by unknown persons.
"We have not had electricity here in the last 10 years. Nurses use their phone as torchlight in the night and whenever it is dark.
"We have a new 20 KVA generator which has never worked for one day because the battery was removed at the time of installation. 
"We are not on the National Grid. Our light was cut before the NEPA was unbundled over 12 years ago. We lack health workers.
We had five doctors before but some have retired while others were transferred without being replaced. We lack pharmacists, laboratory scientists, radiographers who could help doctors perform to optimally. 
"We appeal to the state government, especially the state Ministry of Health, to revive this hospital, so that patients have places to treat themselves. This is a glorified clinic," they added.