Vote buying: Enugu LG Chairman escapes lynching, 30 armed thugs arrested

The executive chairman of Isi-Uzo local government area of Enugu State, Obiora Obeagu has escaped lynching by youths in his village following alleged attempt to buy votes in his polling unit.
This was even as about 30 armed thugs were arrested in various parts in Isi-Uzo local government area of the state during the election.
Eyewitnessee told newsmen who were in the area to cover the election that the chairman and a woman, allegedly came to the polling unit with money in his car to induce voters so that they can vote for his party, the PDP.
“This morning, the Chairman of Isi-Uzo Local Government Area, Hon. Obeagu came to this Polling Unit and called some people aside and started giving them money to make them vote against Labour.
“Their intentions were to suppress the votes the LP governorship candidate, Chijioke Edeoga, should get in Isi-Uzo. Thank God for the prompt intervention of the soldiers.
“He came with a lady and another man. They were telling people to vote for the last logo in the ballot with human beings. This really deceived some villagers.
“So, the youths around noticed what was going on and chased him away. We also noticed that the lady was doing the same thing. And the youths were beating the lady in black suit and the man.
“It was the military there that had to save the lady and the man from being beaten by the youths who were already angry. They were arrested by the soldiers and made to sit on the floor before tye villagers,” the sources added.
Meanwhile, it took the timely intervention of the soldiers who  saved the Chairman from the hands of the irate youths.
He was later escorted out of the voting centre by the policemen. 
Obeagu, later told reporters that he was facing several problems in the area already and that he could therefore, not comment on the incident.