After Coronavirus (COVID-19)


It all started like a joke in the month of February 2020 when we all started hearing of the virus known as Corona Virus and China was the first country that was hit. Before we could say Jack, the virus had gone to Italy, Uk, US, Spain, etc. As the virus continued to 
spread the death toll keeps on increasing.The annoying thing is that it has become a global phenomenon in all the continents of the world. To prevent it we were told to wash our hands, avoid touching our eyes, nose, mouth and stay indoors.

This article won't bother itself with the reasons why it was manufactured or what they stand to gain but on what we stand to lose after Covid 19. Stay at home order is the highest universal order in the world at the moment. I am not angry that we were asked to stay at home in order to prevent the spread of the virus. My anger stems from the fact that we won't look the same after Covid 19 if we fail to take practical and constructive steps.

Many students all over the globe perceive this virus as a pause in time and humanity, they perceive it as a period where lost time does not count, they perceive it as a period where whatever they do is vacation and holidays. Parents see this season as a period to rest from the duties of being a parent. Businessmen and women see it as period to rest without losing their clients, politicians see it as a period to amass wealth for their families.

I am sorry for you if you are yet to understand why Corona came. Let me open your eyes, it came to wake us up, it came to make us work on those things that matter, it came to make us think outside the box, it came to 
make us upgrade, it came to turn novices into researchers and experts, it came to make us question our existence and how we came to earth and finally, it came to bring us nearer and closer to our maker and creator.  Where are the students? Where are the parents? Where are the business people? Where are the politicians? This is the period to study like never before in order to remain relevant after Covid 19.

This is the period to read those books that will help your business grow, this is the period to know your children more, this is the period to contribute meaningfully and positively to your community, this is the period to write those beautiful books, this is the period to take those online courses you 
have been avoiding in order to know more and become better.

Nobody is expected to come out from this fight looking the same, instead of looking weaker you are meant to appear stronger, instead of looking dumber you are meant to appear wiser and smarter.I see many tweets online on a daily basis seeing 2020 as an accursed year that should swiftly come to an end, corona came to make you stronger don't forget that anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You will come out wishing that all the past years looked like 
2020. Coronavirus will bring about geniuses, inventors, thinkers. So instead of trying to uninstall 2020 because it has a virus or trying to upload version 2021 think of ways of killing the virus, think of ways of becoming better and stronger, think of ways of serving your community outside the normal routine.

Corona will not take us back to Stone Age because we have technology now and we must make use of it in a positive manner, while we continue to develop ourselves 
and the world so we can become more, united stronger and knowledgeable than we were before Corona Virus came to wake us up to the weightier matters.
Please stay safe and remain safe.